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Targeted meditation to reduce stress.



Meditation and its' Benefits:

Through meditation one gains increasing awareness of all inner activities. Emotions are keys to these inner activities; every thought is often accompanied by an emotional response whether good or bad. In learning to observe and control thought patterns one invariably becomes more aware of the attached emotions. Being more aware of these emotions they are no longer suppressed and repressed, instead they are understood and accepted. By observation and acceptance of emotions the meditator acknowledges that these emotions are separate, circumstantial and not inherent to the being of the meditator. Therefore a sense of peace is allowed to diffuse through the mind of the meditator as the growing realisation that "I am not my feelings" perpetuate and become more permanent. This gives the meditator a greater degree of skill in dealing with emotions and life's unavoidable difficulties than the non-meditator. This is further enhanced by the active engagement with emotions, both positive and negative, on behalf of the meditator, through various meditative practices.

Meditation can be applied to all human activities. It can be used to extrapolate meaning from a whole array of menial activities, and can therefore enhance the life of the individual and in turn enhance society as a whole. For example, the necessary but often undesired task of cleaning the house can be given a whole new meaning when it is practised in a meditative fashion; so that instead of being a chore, it becomes a tool for gaining insight into what it means to be human; we stop putting off the ironing and become enthralled in its workings, how a crease is eliminated by the steam iron, the sound the iron makes as it exudes its misty contents; the ordinary becomes fun and exciting simply by the application of a bit of awareness and attention. When given some thought this is obvious, there is nothing inherently painful about such activities; even if one says "yes, but it's tiring", so are sports, but people do them anyway for fun. Therefore, it is only a matter of perspective.

In a wider sense this can teach us how to deal with any situation that is undesirable. We can learn to enjoy standing in queues, enjoy waiting in traffic, enjoy commuting to work. The deep rooted benefits that result in confronting our emotions, and learning to deal with our emotions as and when they come, prove that even life changing circumstances, which can sometimes psychologically cripple people, can be dealt with in a positive manner, and can even serve to heighten our experience and knowledge of self. In all, meditation can fundamentally change the inner workings of mankind in a positive and fruitful way, removing pain from the individual and thereby removing pain from the world at large, as everyone learns to observe themselves, deal with their emotions, interact with each other better and enjoy life so that the world can reach its potential of becoming a pleasant and happier place to be.


Meditation in the workplace:


While short-term stress is helpful for meeting deadlines, chronic stress can be quite debilitating, leading from anxiety and poor judgment, to a whole array of psychosomatic illnesses. Stress costs industry approximately 150 billion dollars per year.


From "Stress is epidemic in the western world. Stress is a major contributing factor linked either directly, or indirectly, to coronary artery disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, accidental injuries, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide; the six leading causes of heath in the United States. Stress is a state of tension that is created when a person responds to the demands and pressures that come from work, family and other external sources, as well as those that are internally generated from self imposed demands, obligations and self criticism. Stress is both additive and cumulative. It adds up over time until a state of crisis is reached and symptoms appear."

Meditation is proven to help substantially reduce stress in the following way. Meditation has shown to:

  • Reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Increase the production of alpha brainwaves.
  • Reduce muscle tension.
  • Improve oxygen circulation.
  • Reduce perspiration which is a symptom of stress.
  • Raise levels of serotonin.
  • Reduce blood lactate.


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