The Secret of Tranquility



Over two-thirds of office visits to physicians are for stress related illness

The program is taught individually and at your convenience.


To enrol on the program please send us an email to request a Booking Form. Alternatively see our contact page for other methods of communication.


At present our facilities are unavailable but sessions can be run at your home, place of business, or third-party premises.


Drop of Eden program:

The cost of the program is £120 per person*. (for more information on the program click here)

Sustenance Sessions:

The cost for the follow-up Sustenance Sessions varies on the number of people attending (booking is essential):

5 or more: £10/h**

3 or 4: £15/h**

2: £19/h**

1: £24/h**

Referral Scheme:

Earn 20% commission for each referral. Click Here to find out more.


*On request the program can be taught in groups.

** Per person.

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